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gives you a lot of energy and suppresses your appetite

Tasty and smooth

Very smooth tasting coffee, really enjoyed the flavour. Great concept of healthier coffees. Greet job!!

Great coffee

Great coffee lovely to have each morning with a nice dash of cream and can honestly say that it does help with weight loss really didn’t think it was going to but had the same food and drink for two weeks and lost more weight on the second week while drinking the coffee each morning


Coffee is amazing just started let's see the results

Great coffee

I'm really enjoying this coffee first thing in the morning, this is my third month cannot see any difference in my weight BUT I have noticed that energy is better.
I'm diabetic it has been good for me I went for my blood test and Doctor was very pleased to see my sugar levels had come down I have still have to reduce it some more I'm quite sure it will with the help of this drink. Thank you.