The Bondi Coffee Story


Hi, I’m Misha, the Founder of Bondi Coffee.

The Bondi Coffee concept was developed after a trip to Bondi Beach in Australia -  I’ve never seen so many hot lean bodies in all my life!  That trip to the beach inspired me, and I was determined to do whatever it took to reach my own healthy body goals – Lean, Fit and Strong.

Bondi Beach epitomises healthy living - being free and enjoying life whilst living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Bondi is bustling with a vibrant health scene whether it be 6 am beach workouts or wall to wall vegan food spots - Bondi is a health heaven.

Like me, the only thing people in Bondi love as much as healthy living is coffee.  This inspired the creation of the Bondi Coffee brand - I wanted to create a world first coffee which incorporated the finest ingredients in the health and fitness industry alongside an incredible tasting instant coffee.

I teamed up with the award-winning sports nutritional scientist, Chris McDonnell, and the Bondi Coffee blends were developed. 

It took over a year of testing and sampling hundreds of different ingredient combinations to finally get the rich, delicious coffee we wanted.

Bondi Coffee has been tried and tested in the mecca of health and fitness itself -  Bondi Beach.  We’ve had the most overwhelming response, with feedback such as “the best tasting instant coffee in the world”. 

This was the ultimate validation, as I want people to incorporate Bondi Coffee into their daily routine and love drinking it as much as I do.

Incorporate Bondi Coffee into your daily routine to get yourself looking great and feeling even greater.


Lots of Love,

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165 reviews

I have used bondi for 5 days now and already see a massive differnce. Defo be ordering more. Sooo amazed. Great prices and quick delivery

Love this product!

Flavour is great, and my performance during workouts is definitely improved. I now look forward to feeling the tingle from the pre workout blend!

Best coffee ever

This tastes sooooo good and I love the packaging!


Amazing coffee which tastes delicious and have so many health benefits would highly recommend

Lean - Green