The Bondi Coffee Story

 I’ve always struggled with my weight, and have tried every single diet in the book – as well as some not in the book….LOL. 

The Bondi Coffee concept was developed after a trip to Bondi Beach in Australia.  I’ve never seen so many hot bodies in all my life!  That trip to the beach inspired me, and I was determined to do whatever it took to reach my own ‘bikini body’ goals.

What I’ve found is that consistency is the key to success on any diet.  Sticking to diets is difficult – everyday life seems to always get in the way, so convenience is an absolute must in being able to stick to your diet and achieve your weight loss goals.

Coffee is my vice, I LOVE it, and drink at least two cups a day.  I’d tried substituting with ‘diet tea’ (yuk!), and also gave a popular ‘skinny coffee’ a go.   The problem was the inconvenience and mess of having to use a French Press plunger.  After a few days, I simply couldn’t be bothered.

I was determined to find a delicious tasting, natural, super convenient, instant coffee that I could take anywhere, ready to use at any time.  But I couldn’t find such a product - so I developed my own!

I contacted a team of top sports nutritionists in Cambridge, and my instructions were simple – I want a delicious tasting coffee in convenient single serve sachets, and I want it to contain powerful, proven, weight loss ingredients. 

After many prototypes, they came up with the perfect formula, and Bondi Coffee was born!

I keep at least 3 sachets of Bondi Coffee with me all day – two in my handbag and one in my purse.  Whenever a coffee craving hits me, all I need is a mug of boiling water (sometimes with a dash of milk) and I can enjoy Bondi Coffee.  Not only does it suppress my appetite and stave off food cravings, the combination of ingredients is proven to speed metabolism and aid weight loss.

Give the 28 Day Bondi Challenge a go (do it together with a friend), and kick start to your road to a Bondi Body.  Once you start, you won’t stop!  

Good Luck and Lots of Love

Misha  xx