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I am in love with the coffe

Best coffee ever!

Best coffee ever!


Bondi Coffee - 28 Weight Loss Sachets


Trust me, these reviews are NOT fake. I hate coffee, but I can drink this - great flavours that just work super well together. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to once I arrive to work. :) :) :) :) :) - I pay just over $60.00 CAD for this, is it worth it? I must say, is


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Tastes like a mix of hot chocolate and coffee

Need to mix it well but it’s like a better version of Starbucks blonde roast ! Really flavourful & i appreciate how easy it is to make and that it has so many health benefits

Feel amazing!

I have started the 28 day challenge and feel
Great, less bloated and def less peckish x look forward to the end results

Bondi Coffee Review

I have used different skinny coffees before, this is very different to ones I have tried. There is less of a coffee taste, more of a coconut taste, but I thought that was really refreshing. I’m intrigued to see what results would look like if I used it for a longer period of time

Greetings from Serbia

Bondi- our kind of morning

So far so good

I'm a week into starting my Bondi coffee. It tastes way better than I thought it would. I add a dash of almond milk and drink it in the morning and it helps keep me energized throughout my workday. I can have a sensitive stomach sometimes but I feel totally fine. Can't give it 5 stars yet bc I haven't used it long enough to see results.

7 day pack review

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Overall review;
I purchased the 7 day I'll trial pack of bondi coffee and my overall experience was amazing I noticed a difference after just seven days I was waking up more refreshed and having just 2 cups a day was enough to give me energy to start my day I also lost abit of weight just on the trial. the taste is amazing and i can't wait to put in another order and begin this Bondi coffee 28 day challenge to lose weight, I'd highly recommend this product to anyone I've already referred friends and family.


I Tried the 7 samples and I really enjoyed it! I’m not a big coffee drinker to be honest but this coffee is so delicious! I will definitely be ordering more! And ive found its really helped
With my bloated stomach.

Its delicious!

this coffee is delicious love starting my morning off with bondi coffee!

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Great taste and is helping

Great taste and is helping my healthy eating plan

Very happy

I take one sachet everyday , very helpful to stop bloating

Healthy Coffee Replacement

I've been using this for just over a month now, haven't noticed a massive physical difference (yet), however I do feel a bit lighter and less sluggish but have also changed my diet and regularly exercising. It's good for those who are a little bit more health conscious as the ingredients are natural and healthy. (Just one tip - stir it well before adding milk to make sure it dissolves well!) :o)


Amazing, unique flavour. Boosts energy, and definitely cuts the food cravings! Looking forward to doing the 28 day challenge soon x


Such a delicious coffee with a smooth coconut taste to it! No need for milk!

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Nice smooth cup of coffee

The irst cup tasted slightly strange but the taste grew on me very quickly. A smooth cup of coffee a splendid aroma.

Free Sample Sachet of Bondi Coffee - SOLD OUT!
Aw some

Aw some

Free Sample Sachet of Bondi Coffee - SOLD OUT!
A lovely smooth tasting coffee

A lovely smooth tasting coffee

Free Sample Sachet of Bondi Coffee - SOLD OUT!
Ваш кофе превосходен и специфичен!

Ваш кофе превосходен и специфичен!

Free Sample Sachet of Bondi Coffee - SOLD OUT!

Enjoyable coffee. Tasted good.

Free Sample Sachet of Bondi Coffee - SOLD OUT!

Tastes soooo good and its just amazing

Free Sample Sachet of Bondi Coffee - SOLD OUT!