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After years of trying to find a delicious tasting, natural and convenient instant coffee that could aid her journey to building a better body, brand creator Misha was unsuccessful and decided to take matters into her own hands by developing her own perfect formula…

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Bondi Coffee Beccioshea Blog Review


April 3, 2018 | Paper and Planes

We were firstly extremely impressed with the minimalistic and attractive packaging design. The logo was clear and concise and gave the buyer a great understanding of the product. It is a great buy for anyone looking for vegan, dairy free or gluten free coffee- which is difficult to find in the everyday supermarket. The back of the packet particularly impressed us, with the tick list of benefits from the 28-day challenge, including increasing metabolism and no hidden chemicals or toxins. 

The individual sachets are perfect, they are a great size for storing and stacking and followed the same, simple yet eye-catching design of the outside packet. We can see the handy individual sachets being popular with those individuals who are constantly "on the go".

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September 25, 2017 | Love By Laurie

How many of those slim teas, slim coffees, fit teas and boo teas – the list could go on and on – have you seen on the market? Every time I see one I just roll my eyes. 

But in saying that, there may be some truth behind coffee helping to aid weight loss, and the reasons generally being because 1) coffee can fill you up when you’re hungry meaning you may stop reaching for additional snacks when you don’t need them, and 2) .............

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Bondi Coffee Love By Laurie Review