We’re certain you’re going to love Bondi Coffee, so join our 28 Day #BondiBae challenge and see what results you can achieve. 

As with all diets, consistency is the key to losing weight - and most importantly maintaining your new weight loss.  28 days is the ideal length of time to implement a new habit and really see results that last.

Replace your morning coffee or tea with a cup of delicious Bondi Coffee and you'll feel better and look better within 7 days.  Bondi Coffee is also the ideal 'pre workout' energy drink, to give you that extra boost of energy and fat burn.

What is the Bondi 28 Day Challenge?

The Bondi Challenge is simply to drink one cup of Bondi Coffee per day for 28 days in a row and measure the results:

Step 1:  Weigh yourself before starting the challenge (and why not take a cheeky selfie).

Step 2:  Drink one cup of Bondi Coffee per day, preferably right before breakfast or lunch (Bondi Coffee is an appetite suppressant).  Optional:  Drink one additional sachet right before your daily workout.

Step 3:  Weigh/photograph yourself on days 7, 14, 21 and 28.  

Step 4:  Let us know your results!  You can email us or post on Facebook and Instagram to really keep yourself motivated and accountable.

Step 5:  Start again - you'll want to anyway!! 

Personally, I lost 15lb in my first 28 days and an extra 10lb in the second 28 days by adding Bondi Coffee to my healthy diet and exercise routine.  

Other users have reported similar results, with an average of 2 - 5 lb of weight loss per week being lost.*

With Bondi Coffee, you'll become your most body confident yet - a true #BondiBae!